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The major element of the project is the Familydemic Survey, an innovative online survey that is  carried out simultaneously in six countries: Canada, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden and the US.


The survey is carried out in at least one wave in all participating countries. This (first) wave will been carried out in June 2021. In some countries there will be a second wave carried out in June 2022.


The survey is carried out online on representative (according to crucial socio-demographic characteristics) national samples of at least 2000 respondents aged 20-59 and living with a child up to 11 years old. In Poland and in Italy much larger samples are used (incorporating childless people and those living with older kids).

The survey consists of questions on

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Employment status

Respondents’ and their partners’ employment status before, during and after the first year of the pandemic (at the moment of the survey).

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Work & care arrangements

The division of paid and unpaid work between the respondents and their partners; their working arrangements, childcare arrangements and leave use.

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Fertility intentions

Respondents’ fertility intentions from before the pandemic and at the moment of the survey.

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Gender ideologies

Respondent’s gender role attitudes. 

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Respondent’s subjective well-being and their perceptions of well-being of their children. 

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